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July 14, 2017-February 7, 2018

Jacinta Bunnell
Erica Hauser
Cindy Hoose
Stevan Jennis
Jennifer Maher Coleman

This exhibition features five artists whose work reflects a pictorial affection for unplugged play, relics of American identity, iconic childhood toys, and remnants of the pre-internet classroom. Some artifacts hold deeply personal memories, like Jacinta Bunnell’s archive of her family’s meticulously hand-gridded and inscribed game records that form the basis of her series 13. Others appeal to a more shared response, as surely Jennifer Maher Coleman’s iconic toy paintings trip many of us back to some youth-defining birthday or playtime from long ago. And what did we play with before the X-Box 360? Board games, often. In Cindy Hoose and Jacinta Bunnell’s collaboration, Your Turn, Dear, a collection of vintage game boards catalyzed an artistic exchange of productive co-conspiracy rather than gritty competition. Pivoting from play, Stevan Jennis’ paintings recall the essentials of classroom learning from a time before the World Wide Web: maps and charts, founding fathers, wooden rulers and film cameras. Erica Hauser’s precise, graphic renderings of retro signs, architectural fragments and dreamy mid-century cars cross archetypes of a certain American era with a flat geometry that ultimately keeps them in the palpable - but unattainable - past.

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