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Since the opening of the new Albany International Airport terminal in 1998, an Art & Culture Program has been instituted that is committed to showcasing the artistic and cultural resources of the Capital Region. A comprehensive exhibition program that features the work of regional artists, area museum collections as well as national traveling exhibitions, has enhanced the environment of the airport, raised the visibility of the area's cultural institutions and identified the program as a national model for public art.

The new terminal provides an expanse of dramatic vertical space that is ideal for the presentation of large-scale works. Twenty sites inside and outside of the terminal have been reserved for the temporary placement of contemporary artwork that rotates every other year.

For more information about the Art & Culture Program's sculpture installations, please call 518.242.2241 or email arts@albanyairport.com.

Current Installations

Second Floor, Annex Gallery

Levy   Sunghee   Francey
Natural Gestures
Anne Francey, Allyson Levy, Sunghee Park
April 11 - October 8, 2014

The Albany International Airport is pleased to present this exhibition, which was developed through a collaboration between its Art & Culture Program and the University at Albany's Curatorial Studies in Contemporary Art class under the guidance of William Jaeger.

In Natural Gestures, three artists use widely different mediums and styles to emphasize diverse elements of nature. This exhibition of works by Anne Francey, Allyson Levy, and Sunghee Park invites viewers to reflect upon the world outside the controlled environs of a modern airport.

Second Floor, Concourse B

Arms, Matthew, Silver gelatin print, 1995
Mark McCarty
Selections from the Skin Series Exhibition
Silver gelatin prints

In this exhibition, Mark McCarty presents his subjects in their most elemental state. Untouched by airbrush or digital magic, skin is shown in all its luminosity and imperfections. His compositions offer the familiar entanglement of parent and child, as well as the abstract landscape of form and texture. From infancy to old age, the individuals in these photographs radiate a beauty, dignity and authenticity that we recognize as essentially human and not just skin deep.

Dean Snyder
Red cedar, steel rings

Lubber, a sphere of laminated cedar veneer punctuated with hand-wrought iron rings, sits as a sentinel to the concourse. Lubber's title refers to a person that is out of sync with his environment, commonly known in the nautical expression, "land-lubber", a person not acclimated to seafaring.

George Rickey
Four Triangles Hanging
Stainless steel

George Rickey was one of the world's foremost kinetic sculptors. His is known for tenuously balanced, geometric steel constructions whose linear elements and geometric forms move with air currents and gravity. The artist's primary interest was in how the changing relationships of these forms shaped the space around them.

Second Floor, Concourse A

Continental Drift
Detail of 26' long twig drawing
John McQueen
Continental Drift
Willow and waxed string

With slim branches of willow, John McQueen describes images of the mind as well as those of time and place. In the frieze running along the top of Continental Drift, we recognize things from the world and from history running together like ideas or memories. Below, the branches form tightly packed shapes that intermittently suggest familiar objects, but then elude definition.
Past Installations

Second Floor, Annex Gallery

Martian Concubine, Archival pigment print
of mixed media collage, 2012
Robert Gullie
Where the Boundaries Fade
February - September, 2013

Robert Gullie is a photographer, mixed media artist and printmaker. After decades of producing hand-tinted photographs composed of curiously arranged objects, Gullie's focus has shifted toward mixed media collage. The result is a collection of works whose surreal images conjure dream-like landscapes and interiors.
In this series, the artist combines selections from vintage and popular print media withmotifs that reflect his affinity for history and folk art. The works exhibited here are archival pigment prints of these collages, and their vivid color and detail is remarkably faithful to the original compositions.

First Floor, Ticket Area

Larry Kagan
Picture Postcards

Postcards remind us of places we've traveled, or sometimes offer vistas that we'd like to see. These images of landscapes, landmards, monuments and memories can be posted to loved ones far away, or pasted in scrapbooks for future reflection. Larry Kagan, Professor of Art at Rensselaer, assembled this group of steel sculptures to recall such mementos of journeys near and abroad.

Second Floor, Concourse B

milsteinAlaska Airlines (Salmon-Thirty-Salmon), Boeing 737-400, Digital Print, 2007
Jeffrey Millstein
September 2007 - July 2008

Photographer, architect, and lifetime aviation enthusiast  brings his appreciation for structure, experience as a pilot and sensibility as a visual artist to these photographs of aircraft. Standing beneath the jets as they approach and depart, Milstein suspends their massive, powerful bodies in images that reveal the beauty and detail of their engineering - a rare vantage point. The aircrafts hover over white ground, removed from their habitation of sky and tarmac. As such they are presented as icons of modernity, speed and technological mastery. While their enormity and formidable capacity to transport us around the globe are familiar qualities, Milstein invites us to appreciate the design, color and symmetry of these remarkable machines.

Sharon Bates, Director
Art & Culture Program
Albany International Airport Gallery hours:
7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. daily.
For additional information phone: 518.242.2241 or email arts@albanyairport.com

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