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Current Exhibition

Jennifer Knaus, Endless Blooms Flower Mix
Art of the Heirloom

June - October, 2014

Through this exhibition, we recognize the innovative partnership of art, horticulture and commerce initiated by The Hudson Valley Seed Library. What began as the first seed library within a public library in the country has now blossomed in to a Certified Organic seed farm in Accord, NY, devoted to producing seed for gardeners and farmers, fostering a regional seed-saving community and celebrating seeds through art. More information about The Hudson Valley Seed Library, including its Art of the Heirloom collection, full seed catalog, fine art prints, memberships and Seeder's Digest how-to blog can be found online at

April Warren, Evergreen Scallion
Susan Seigel, Laxton's Progress Pea

Past Exhibitions

Albany1 Albany: The Story of a City Through its Architecture

September 2013 - March 2014

In 1993 local photographers Gary Gold and Mark McCarty joined forces to document significant structures throughout Albany for a book titled Albany Architecture: A Guide to the City. The Guide was published by Matthew Bender IV and Mount Ida Press in 1993 to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Historic Albany Foundation.

This exhibition features more than thirty of the original photographs that Gold and McCarty produced for the Guide. Together they convey the vibrant history of New York's capital city - one that dates back more than three hundred years.

Some Assembly Required
February - September, 2013

Allen Bryan, Niki Haynes, Thomas Huber, Michael Oatman, Rob O'Neil

The word collage, from the French word coller, meaning 'to glue,' has been associated for over a century with the activity of cutting, rearranging, and fastening together assorted materials to make a new composition. Today, access to a dizzying variety of materials, processes and data has provided artists with a deep pool of ingredients to consider. The elements within this work are rarely brought together at random, but determined with great attention to the meaning associate with images and objects, and their ability to evoke new insights and stories.

Thomas Huber, Try Harder, Mixed media on paper, 2011
Niki Haynes, NYC, Mixed media collage, 2012

We are pleased to present Some Assembly Required in concert with its sister exhibition in the Albany International Airport Gallery, located on the third floor, public side of the security checkpoint. In that version, sixteen artists - including those you see here - express the principles of collage through traditional cut paper techniques, as well as hybrics of photography, film, painting and sculpture.

Sharon Bates, Director
Art & Culture Program
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