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The Albany International Airport serves as an economic engine for the greater Capital District.  Over 1,200 people are employed by the Airport, our airlines, TSA, FAA and our various concessions including rental cars and food service.



Avports LLC

Avports LLC is an Airport Operations & Management Specialist serving small and mid-sized airports and military bases.

Avports currently provides airport management services at the Albany International Airport including; Airport Fire Fighting and Rescue, Operations & Security, Airfield Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, Parking Operations, Custodial Services, & Facilities Maintenance.

Please click on the link below to learn more about our current career opportunites at ALB.

Avports ALB Careers


Food and Beverage Retail

Concessions operating within the Airport also recruit on an "as needed" basis. Applications for employment can be obtained by contacting the individual vendor.

Paradies Gift Shops: Operates; Capital Marketplace, Tech Valley Connect, News Channel 13 Travel Store, & CNBC Smartshop.


HMSHosts: Operates; The Adirondack Lodge, The Beer Union, Silks, Starbucks & The Local

OHM Concessions Group: Operates; Chick-Fil-A, Wolfgang Puck Pizza, & The Empire Deli.



Car Rentals

Other Services