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Welcome to the Albany International Airport!

As the major air center for the Capital Region, Northeastern New York, Western New England, and Southern Vermont, Albany International Airport is one of the top economic development generators in Upstate New York. Our modern airport includes recent improvement to the terminal and a new parking garage. Albany International Airport is the smart airport of tomorrow, leading our industry with innovative practices and procedures to ensure an easy, safe, and clean travel experience for all.


Airport Location:

Albany International Airport is located at the junction of Interstate Highways 90 and 87. For specific directions on how to reach the Albany International Airport, please go here.


1,200 Acres.


Open 24 hours daily. Certified under FAR Part 139. 24 hour TRACON equipped Air Traffic Control Tower.


North/South Preferential and Instrument Runway 01/19 - 8,500 ft x 150 ft.
Cross-wind Runway 10/28 - 7,200 ft x 150 ft.


275 ft.

Note: The airport was awarded the prestigious 1996 Balchen-Post Award for Outstanding Achievement in Airport Snow and Ice Control for U.S. Medium Commercial Airports.

Commercial Airline Services:

Allegiant Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines.

Average Daily Commercial Arrivals:


Average Daily Commercial Departures:



1.5 million annually


The Albany County Airport Authority operates full-service Air Cargo Terminal serving FedEx, UPS, and Mobile Air.


Albany International Airport is recognized as a world leader in developing cost-effective environmental management of aircraft deicing fluids.

To comply with environmental statutes, the airport has installed a state-of-the-art Storm Water Recovery and Treatment Facility that utilizes micro-organisms to "digest" propylene glycol to below detection limits.

The process produces methane gas, which is reused as fuel to heat the incoming fluid and to speed its processing. The gas is also used to heat the treatment facility.

Noise Abatement

The Albany International Airport has undertaken a vigorous noise program, which involves the voluntary purchase of impacted properties within the affected area. The airport makes those properties available for suitable users as part of an economic development program.

Fixed Based Operator (F.B.O.):

Albany Million Air
(518) 242-2444


United States Airport Federal Customs, Inspection Service (FIS)

The Albany International Airport is designated as an International Port of Entry by The US Secretary of the Treasury. Immigration and Naturalization services are available by appointment. US Immigration Customs Enforcement 518-431-0200.

Federal Aviation Administration:

(518) 862-1600

Radio Frequencies:

Aeronautical Tower: 119.50
Radio Frequencies Ground Control: 121.70
Unicom: 122.95
Emergency: 121.00
Approach: 125.00
Departure: 118.00
Localizer: 109.50
FSS: 122.20
ATIS: 122.00 and 122.45

Instrument Landing Systems:

Runway 19 - ILS, GPS, MALSR, HIRL, CL
Runway 28 - GPS, MIRL, CL, PAPI, RENL
Runway 10 - GPS, MIRL, CL, RENL


Runway 19, 200 ft., 2 2400 RVR
Runway 01, 200 ft., 2 2400 RVR

New York State Police Aviation Bureau:

The Albany International Airport serves as the base for State Police Aviation activities in the State of New York.
(518) 457-6811 (24 hours).

Weather Information:

(518) 435-9580

FAA Flight Service Weather:

(800) 992-7433.