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Interfaith Prayer Room

The Interfaith Prayer Room has been relocated to the Business Center on Concourse - C of the terminal.The Prayer Room provides a respite and place of solitude for travelers, guests and Airport personnel.

The Interfaith Prayer Room was planned by clergy and lay persons representing the area's major faiths and offers individuals the opportunity for personal prayer and meditation.

Designer Richard Vosko created the Prayer Room by offering an oasis environment intended to be spiritually refreshing. Etched art glass panels with water sculptures at either end carry the mind from earth-bound reality to skyward peace.

The Interfaith Prayer Room also features a specifically designed hand-made sideboard for religious appointments. There the visitor may find prayer rugs, talitot, kipot, rosary beads and other items that are important to the prayer practices of the various religious traditions. Spiritual books including Bhagvad Gita, the Tanach, the Koran, and the Old and New Testaments are available.

The Interfaith Prayer Room is open daily. Guests are invited to share their thoughts in a guest book located at the entrance to the room.

For information regarding your faith's participation in the Prayer Room, please contact the Capital Area Council of Churches at (518) 462-5450.

We respectfully ask that our guests refrain from using laptop computers or cell phones while visiting the Interfaith Prayer Room