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New Parking System

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  • Once you enter through an EZPass Plus lane, your EZPass tag will be read upon entry and the gate will open.
  • To exit, you must go through a new system exit lane where your EZPass tag will be read automatically and the gate will open.
  • You will not receive a ticket with this method.
  • If you do not want to pay using your EZPass, you can choose a non-EZPass Plus lane or remove your EZPass tag from your window when entering.


  • Using the Credit Card payment method, you will pay by inserting your credit card into the machine and the gate will open automatically upon entering.
  • To exit, insert the same credit card you used to enter and the gate will automatically open.


  • When entering, press the button to receive a ticket. www.albanyairport.com You can pay for parking at an automated pay-on-foot station located in baggage claim near carousel #2 upon returning. Next, you will insert the ticket into the machine. Once your payment has been processed, your ticket will be returned to you.
  • You will be able to exit within the allotted grace period. Your license plate number will be read upon exiting and the gate will automatically open.

Have questions about parking at Albany International Airport?
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