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Albany International Airport offers a wide variety of convenient and economical parking locations. Most airport lots accept EZ-Pass Plus and all accept credit cards. Please refer to the Parking Rates tab for a breakdown of charges specific to each parking area. 

Economy E-Lot - the economy lot is located to the southeast of the airport with access directly off of Albany Shaker Road and has shuttle service to the terminal.  Economy parking is $6 per-day.

Short-Term - located directly across from the terminal on the first level of the North Parking Garage and in a signed area behind and next to the parking garage.  Short Term allows those arriving for flights, dropping off or greeting passengers to park FREE for the first 30 minutesShort-Term parking is $24 per-day.

Long-Term - the main Long Term lot is located behind the North Parking Garage.  The entrance to the main Long Term defaults to an EZPass Plus lane if you have an EZPass Plus tag.  If you do not wish to use your EZPass Plus to pay for your parking when you exit, please place your tag in an EZPass read prevention bag or use the Long Term entrance in the back of the garage.  To get to the back entrance take the first left after driving in front of the North Garage.  Long-Term Parking is $10 per day.

Garage (2 options)  - Garage parking is available on floors 2 and 3 of the North
Parking Garage (GP1) and on floors 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the "New" South Parking Garage (GP2).
North and South Parking Garage rate is $14 per-day.

Electric Vechicle Charging Stations -  There is no charge to charge while you park.

  • Three stations are available inside the back of Long Term lot near the exit plaza. 
  • Eight stations are available in the west side of the Long Term lot
  • Three stations are available on the second floor of the North Garage (GP1), facing the terminal.
  • Ten stations are available on fourth floor of the South Garage (GP2).  

Customers with disabilities can find designated handicapped accessible parking in each parking lot, on each floor of the parking garage and in the long-term lot. Vehicles parked in designated handicapped spaces must have a handicapped license plate or visibly display a valid handicapped flag.

Parking Related Phone Numbers

Parking Information (518) 242-2277
Airport Information Desk (518) 242-2299
Airport Operations (518) 242-2300
Albany County Sheriff (518) 242-4401
Albany County Airport Authority (518) 242-2222


  1. Parking Rates


Short Term Rates

Located on the first floor of North Parking Garage opposite the terminal and also on the backside of the garage.

First half hour: FREE
Second half hour: $2.00
Each additional half hour: $1.00
Maximum daily rate: $24.00

Garage Parking Rates

North Garage Parking is available on floors 2, 3, 4 and 5. The New South Garage Parking is Now OPEN! Parking is available on floors 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

First hour: $2.00
Each additional hour:        $2.00
Maximum daily rate: $14.00

Long Term Parking Rates

Located behind the north parking garage.

First hour: $2.00
Each additional hour: $1.00
Maximum daily rate:         $10.00

Economy Remote Lot E with Shuttle to and from Terminal

Located southeast of the airport.

First hour: $2.00
Hourly rate: $1.00
Maximum daily rate: $6.00