Accessible Restrooms

To meet the needs of parents with young children, ALB has made available nursing rooms, nursing Pods and family restrooms in the restricted areas of the terminal. These rooms offer a clean and quiet environment for nursing mothers who wish to nurse or pump in a private setting.
Theses rooms feature:

  • Breastfeeding armchair

  • Changing table

  • Adjustable light

  • Large enough space to fit a family

Sign to accessible toilet facilitiesSufficient toilet facilities for persons with disabilities are available on landside and airside areas of the terminal here at Albany International Airport. The location of the toilets is clearly indicated by the International Symbol of Access. The toilet is accessible from both sides from a wheelchair. The height of the toilet is 48 cm. from the floor.ALB accessible toilet facilities 

The support railings that can tolerate a weight of up to 150 kg are provided.  The toilet paper is located within easy reach and the toilet is equipped with automatic flushing and the controls are within easy reach for manual flushing. The clearance of the doors is at least 90 cm and the doors open in an outward direction. The ALB accessible toilet is equipped with a water closet, a wash basin, a mirror, and vertical and horizontal safety handrails. The light is activated by a motion sensor, and the floor is of a non-skid material. The facilities are usable by members of both sexes. It is possible for a personal assistant, of either sex, to assist in the use of the toilet facilities. 


Plan your trip

We recommend you notify your airline of your accessibility needs at least 48 hours prior to your flight.