non-slip surface floorsHere at Albany International Airport, we aim for a “Design for All” and have created an environment for operation that can accommodate the needs and wants of everyone who uses our facility.  State and local governments set the design guidelines for ADA provisions, and we consider accessibility during the infrastructure-design phase. We have a simple terminal layout with short distances between gates, which are easy to navigate. 

The ground surfaces are entirely hard paved with no sudden changes of levels, unexpected changes in surface texture, fixed bollards, and barriers or wide or recessed joints between paving tiles. Glass fitted with visible circle

ALB uses glass as an architectural element in our art gallery.  They ae made of safety glass and are fitted with visible circles to prevent people with low vision from colliding with it.  

The floors within the terminal building have a non-slip surface and are even throughout with no variations in floor level. The Carpeted areas are made of anti-static material.  

Plan your trip

We recommend you notify your airline of your accessibility needs at least 48 hours prior to your flight.