Curb Cutouts

Clearly marked Pedestrian crossing and islandThe ground surfaces are entirely hard paved with no sudden changes of levels, unexpected changes in surface texture, fixed bollards, and barriers or wide or recessed joints between paving tiles.

The edges of sidewalks are visually distinguishable from the sidewalk surface. The Curb height from roadway to sidewalk are in compliance with the local regulations. The Curb is flush (level) with the roadway service at pedestrian crossings and curb cuts do not begin or end in an area that accumulates water.

The Pedestrian crossings are clearly marked on the roadway by non-slip, white stripes and the area is provided with additional lighting. The surfaces of sidewalks/pavements vary at the connecting points to pedestrian crossings in order to warn blind and partially sighted persons. A Pedestrian islands is provided to ease the crossing of the wide roads and the island is wide enough to accommodate the length of a self-propelled wheelchair. Pedestrian islands are marked by traffic signs.

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