Ground Transportation

The public transport system is accessible to persons with Disabilities and persons with limited mobility, the airport shuttle buses have low chassis specially adapted to accommodate barrier-free equipment access. The airport shuttle buses are fitted with a hydraulic lift at the back of the bus, to facilitate people traveling with a wheelchair.  

Here at Albany International Airport, we have reserved a designated number of accessible parking spaces for persons with disabilities, including those with reduced mobility. These parking spaces should conform to the widths set by state regulations. Sufficient space is allowed for exit at either side of the vehicle. The designated spaces are close to the terminal, protected from the elements, and are easy to find and indicated celery. Disabled accessible spaces on our parking decks are close to an elevator and the exit.  

The automatic ticketing and payment booths are easily accessible to persons with disabilities, including those with reduced mobility, and accessible from the driver’s seat of a car. A call system is installed that can be reached from the driver’s seat. This is properly indicated and preferably and is located close to the entrance of the parking area. We provide a dedicated curb-side drop-off/pick-up zone to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility and is located in close proximity to the terminal. 

Hydraulic Lift Inside Airport Shuttle Bus Airport Shuttle Bus

Plan your trip

We recommend you notify your airline of your accessibility needs at least 48 hours prior to your flight.